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Summer cottages for rent at the heart of Northern Savonia starting from 270€ / week


Summer cottages for rent at the heart of Northern Savonia starting from 270€ / week

About us

Rantaman lomamökit is a cottage-rental firm located in Leppävirta, Eastern Finland. Our family business has accommodated great cottage holidays since 1993. The center of Leppävirta, which has grocery stores, restaurants, Sport & Spa Hotel Vesileppis and Ski arena, is 8 kilometers away.

Welcome to Leppävirta

Leppävirta is a small town in Northern Savonia with a population of a bit less than ten thousand. Located by the Finnish national road 5, Leppävirta has great connections. Our cottaged are located about 45 kilometers from Kuopio and 30 kilometers from Varkaus. You can find everything you need for a great cottage holiday from Leppävirta, including a bunch of fun activities for the whole family.

Our Cottages

All of the cottages are located by the lake Särkijärvi and include their own rowboat. Interested in renting an outdoor hot tub or experiencing smoke sauna? Contact Action Leppävirta for the details.


Max 8 people, 145 m2 + porch 30 m2

from 810€/week


Max 8 people, 83 m2 + porch 25 m2

from 500€/week

Keltainen mökki

Max 6 people, 81 m2 + separate sauna building with 1 bed

from 460€/week


Max 6 people, 58 m2 + loft

from 390€/week


Max 6 people, 58 m2 + loft

from 390€/week


Max 4 people, 51 m2

from 300€/week

Ruskea mökki

Max 4 people, 46 m2

from 270€/week


Max 6 people, 58 m2 + loft

from 390€/week

Activities in Leppävirta

There’s lots of things to do in Leppävirta for people of all ages.

Action Leppävirta

Fun activities from Action Leppävirta! Located at the same spot as Rantaman Lomamökit, Action Leppävirta is a company specialized in paintball, stand-up-paddling and kayaking. You can, for example, rent a stand-up-paddling board to your cottage or participate in a paintball game.

Sport & Spa Hotel Vesileppis

Sport & Spa Hotel Vesileppis is located in the center of Leppävirta, about 8 kilometers from our cottages. From Vesileppis, you can find a spa, a restaurant, a gym as well as a bowling hall.

Leppis Adventure Park

Leppis Adventure Park is located right next to Sport & Spa Hotel Vesileppis, where there is plenty to do for the whole family. The adventure park is a cable car that consists of tracks of different difficulty levels and provides a challenge for both adults and children.

Orinoro Gorge

Orinoro Gorge is one of the seven miracles of Savonia. There you can find a family friendly hiking track with great views. Orinoro Gorge is located about 23 kilometers from our cottages. The address for the parking spot is Mustinmäentie 83.


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